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    Photo from the album ''The Skylark'' (1993)
    This site is dedicated to the outstanding Russian singer Oleg Evgenievich POGUDIN as a token of gratitude and admiration from his audience. The site is an unofficial and non-profit-making project.

    NEWS: Advertisements for the upcoming concerts, TV-programs and other information concerning both singerís activities and content of the site. The most interesting information is repeated on the main page.

    ALBUMS&RECORDINGS: Information on different albums, concert records and collections that have been published from the beginning of the Oleg Pogudinís career as a singer up to the present time. This page contains information about the vinyl disc, audio and multimedia CDs, and audiotapes. 

    SONGS: A database of songs performed by Oleg Pogudin. Information collected from various sources: albums, concerts, video and others in order to cover (as far as possible) the most well known part of the singerís wide repertoire. Records are sorted: in alphabetical order ó according to titles, first lines, text authors and composers; in chronological order ó according to renderings. Table also includes links to the corresponding audio (MP3, RealAudio and other formats) files, if such exist on our or on the other Internet servers. Some of the songs have links to the slide-movies, video records, texts and music, as well as comments, impressions, articles and reviews related to this particular song. MS Access 2000 users (as well as the users of the other compatible tools) can load the whole database for off-line work. 

    CONCERTS: This section includes information about some of the concerts, held in different towns the last few years. Illustrations, such as detailed series of the separate shots from video records, will help you to get an impression of these concerts. This sort of "slide-movie" is easy to reproduce even for those who do not have the opportunity to load big files from Internet or to watch digital video. For listening to only soundtracks you can use MP3-files. Here we collected all the materials we could find about the former concerts: descriptions, lists of the songs, photos and playbills

    RADIO, VIDEO, TV: Here you can find a list of all the audio- and video-production about Oleg Pogudin or with Oleg Pogudin as a participant, which ever were for sale or shown on TV. Due to the big size of the video files as well as risk of violating of the copyrights we placed on our server only fragments of the video records, including, for example, some interviews and selected songs. Still these fragments are rather typical and demonstrate well the versatility of the singer. 

    WEB-LINKS: This page gives an impression of what you can find on Oleg Pogudin in the Internet (including his official web-site and others): audio- and video records, photos, articles, forum and so on. Here you can find links to several Internet-shops and some (critical) information about these shops. Using this information you can find out which albums by Oleg Pogudin these shops have and choose the most convenient way of using their services. The page includes not only links, but also samples of the design of the most interesting Web pages together with short annotations. There is also a list of links to related Internet sites. Information and materials from some of these sites we used here. 

    MISCELLANEA: Everything that is not covered by the other sections is represented here. For example, here you can find artiste's biography; addresses and phonenumbers of the concert halls and booking offices, where you can get information about the future concerts and order/buy tickets. 

    License agreement for the foreign visitors of the site: 

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    The author of this site will be grateful to anyone who afford any data for addition and refining on the information placed here. Something, which is not on the site, but exists at your disposal, it can be interesting for other admirers of the singer. The given by you audios and video recordings, photographs, printed materials, posters and playbills  of concerts, meaningful personal impressions, correction and the addition of the information about the repertoire and any other help will allow you to become co-authors/compilers of this Internet resource. Of course it is guaranteed, that the originals of your materials will be accurately copied and returned to you. It is possible to arrange a mutual exchange. Please write to the address below.

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