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  • Frame video from the concert at 13.05.1998



     Song list review of the Oleg Pogudin's repertoire
    (data about CDs’ and concert programs’ are collected by the audience)

    There are: titles (including different versions), authors (also suggested), information on CDs (if a song can be found on CDs or tapes), links to audio and video samples in Internet servers, duration of a song, etc. All data available are in accessible databasethat is regularly updated.

    Result of queries to the database are sorted in alphabetical order: by titles, by the first line of songs, by composers and text authors, by various performances (recordings, concerts). 

    Here are some icons used in tables: 

    Audio sample in MP3/RealAudio (in our server or anywere in Internet)
    Slide-movies of separate frame to the song
    Video sample in  MPEG-4/RealVideo (in our server or anywere in Internet)
    Lyrics (original/with performer’s versions and comments)
    Sheet music (for voice and accompaniment, also music arrangements)
    Concert reports and impressions
    Articles and remarks relate to that song
    Translated from Russian by 
    Alexandra Vinogradova (Moskow) and 
    Tatiana Belyaeva (St.-Petersburg)

    Copyright © Composition, graphics, and design by Yury Ermolaev, 2001-2004.
    St.-Petersburg, Russia

    E-mail: Yury Ermolaev